D3 Social Media

Social Media Index | Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference

Index is calculated based on total likes/followers per enrollment. Penalties are applied for not having all three accounts and not having the same username on all acounts.
   Index Institution
1(24)7.5077 Hanover College
2(52)5.7243 Transylvania University
3(100)4.6957 Rose-hulman Institute Of Technology
4(178)3.4145(1.0)Manchester University
5(221)2.8187(0.5)Defiance College
6(260)2.5059(1.0)Franklin College
7(290)2.1531(0.5)Earlham College
8(345)1.5547(0.5)Anderson University
9(384)1.1206(0.5)Mount St. Joseph University