D3 Social Media


This NCAA DIII Social Media Leaderboard tracks and ranks d3 athletic departments and conferences social media efforts.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Leaderboards

These are straight up leaderboards. In these boards institutions are ranked in descending order by number of followers/likes. The more followers/likes you have, the higher your rank.

Social Media Index

In this leaderboard institutions are ranked by a calculated social media index. Followers/likes per undergraduate enrollment is taken into account. Also, there are penalties for not having all three accounts and for not having the same handle on all accounts.


The conference boards are straight up leaderboards ranked in descending order by number of followers/likes. Very few conference have Instagram accounts so currently only Twitter and Facebook are tracked.

Additions or Corrections

If you have additions or corrections please fill out the submit form. Pending validation they will be included when the database is next re-indexed.


Why is Super Duper State University not listed?

There are many institutions and collecting all the data from each institution is difficult. Please fill out the submit form if you see any missing institutions.

Why does Super Duper State University have their twitter listed but not facebook?

Many institutions have not finished setting up their facebook profiles. The Facebook stats are gathered by username. If a Facebook Web Address was never setup, there is no username to search by. For more information see facebook help.

Another possibility may be that the facebook account is setup as a personal profile and not a business page. If you have to click 'Add friend' and not 'Like Page' the account is setup as a personal profile and cannot be tracked by this tool.

Super Duper State University is a member of several conferences but only one is listed

The best attempt was made to list the most appropriate conference. If the conference listed is not correct please fill out the submit form.

What are the red numbers in parenthesis on the index leaderboard?

These are the penalty points subtracted from that institutions index


Christopher Sabato

Christopher Sabato (@chrissabato)

Chris Sabato is a creative project specialist at Willamette University. He is responsible for graphic design, photography, social media and general technology within the department of athletics.


Privacy Policy

This website does not store any user data. The only data stored is follower counts for public social media acounts